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Samsung Electronics has outlined plans to start trading renminbi in South Korea, giving a boost to the nascent local market as Seoul seeks to capitalise on China’s drive to internationalise its currency.三星电子(Samsung Electronics)宣告计划,将开始在韩国交易人民币。在韩国期望搭乘上人民币国际化顺风车之际,三星此举将增进新兴的韩国人民币市场的发展。Direct trading of the Chinese and South Korean currencies began in Seoul on December 1, reflecting increasingly close economic co-operation between the countries that is also expected to bring the conclusion of a trade agreement in the next few months.人民币与韩元自去年12月1日开始可以必要交易,体现出有两国之间的经济合作更加紧密,预计这将在未来几个月促使一项贸易协议的签订。



Samsung said on Thursday that it would begin using the local market from March 16 to settle transactions with its subsidiaries in China, thereby becoming the first major South Korean group to make use of it.三星周四回应,将从3月16日起,利用釜山人民币市场,承销与其在华子公司的交易,从而沦为第一家利用该市场的大型韩国企业。The entry to the market of South Korea’s biggest company, and one of the biggest investors in China, may encourage other companies to follow suit, said Choi Ji-young, director of exchange regulation at Seoul’s finance ministry.釜山财政司汇率监管负责人Choi Ji-young回应,这家韩国仅次于企业、中国仅次于投资者之一转入该市场,可能会希望其他企业也这么做到。

Volumes on the new market have risen steadily even without the participation of major companies. The finance ministry said average daily trading volumes this week in South Korea’s interbank won-renminbi market were about Rmb10bn ($1.6bn), compared with about $10bn on the won-dollar market.即便没大企业的参予,这个新的市场的交易额也仍然在急剧减少。釜山财政司回应,本周,韩国韩元-人民币银行间市场的平均值日交易额约为100亿元人民币(合16亿美元),韩元-美元市场约为100亿美元。



The official recognition last July of Seoul as an offshore renminbi trading centre, by appointing Bank of Communications as the city’s renminbi clearing bank, followed similar moves for Hong Kong, London, Frankfurt and Singapore.去年7月,釜山月沦为人民币离岸交易中心,交通银行(Bank of Communications)沦为釜山人民币清算行。此前香港、伦敦、法兰克福和新加坡都已沦为人民币离岸交易中心。Since then cities including Toronto, Bangkok and Sydney have followed, as China seeks to encourage greater international use of its currency: a trend that would reduce funding costs for its companies and help them expand abroad.多伦多、曼谷和悉尼等城市也紧随其后成人民币离岸交易中心。

中国期望希望不断扩大人民币在国际市场的用于范围,以减少中国企业的融资成本并协助它们在海外扩展。South Korea hopes that the growth of a renminbi market in Seoul could reduce currency transaction costs for its companies’ trade and investment transactions with China, which is by far the country’s biggest trading partner.韩国期望,釜山人民币市场的发展壮大需要减少韩国企业与中国的贸易和投资间的外汇交易成本。

中国是目前韩国仅次于的贸易伙伴国。But Mr Choi said that the key development for the market would be greater use of the renminbi for trade settlement: only 1.7 per cent of South Korea’s exports to China by value in February were settled in renminbi, and only 1 per cent of imports.Choi Ji-young回应,该市场的最重要进展将是不断扩大人民币在贸易承销中的用于:今年2月,在韩国对华出口中,只有1.7%以人民币承销,在韩国进口中只有1%以人民币承销。